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Now the New Year is firmly upon us we must accept certain inevitabilities. Your jeans are that little bit harder to put on due to gorging on mountains of festive food. The cold weather no longer brings us closer to time off, parties and merriment, instead we’re hit with further cold nights/mornings, icy cars and …

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While 2016 has been a year of relative doom and gloom, Monetise’s year has been a great one. We’ve made prosperous new partnerships, made a couple of trips across the pond, and even bought ourselves a new kettle. But what household appliance will be next through the Monetise door? And, less  more importantly, what should …

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We are living in the most connected era in history. You are able to speak to your buddy in Tokyo whilst sitting in your PJ’s in London. A business can be almost completely automated due to the abundance of online services such as Printful, Shopify and MailChimp. Pretty much every device you own is interconnected. …

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Customer journey is vital, and the landing page is an important place to start.

It’s commonplace for Monetise to receive a daily influx of enquiries from potential advertisers who are in search of high quality leads. Who can blame them? We are, after all, the number 1 UK CPA netw… Okay, enough with the sales spiel. But you get the idea. The products and services that advertisers are proposing …

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This guest post has been written by Gary Argent who is the co-owner and UK freebies-finding aficionado at Gratisfaction UK As I tend to do every October I found myself watching the new season of the BBC’s Apprentice the other night, and my attention was immediately grabbed at the beginning of the episode, when Sir …

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I was in a cocktail bar at the weekend (not working as waitress, to the disappointment of some of you Human League fans) and I got chatting to a chap about the day job. I work as a publisher manager here at Monetise, but to avoid being met with a blank face, I tell him …

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Monetise Monday is back once again, and it’s time for the second instalment of our “Get to know” series… Today, we’re chatting to Josh, who is a member of our fantastic publisher management team. Find out how he likes his steak, and who he’d share one with on a celebrity date…

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Monetise Monday is back after a summer break, and it’s the start of a new mini-series! In the first of our “Get to know” series, James throws quick fire questions to Advertising Manager, Jen Horsfall…

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Paid advertising – to the experienced eye, is everywhere you look these days, whether it’s remarketing adverts following you around the web after you searched for gluten free cakes (just me?), to sponsored ads clogging up your Facebook news feed, or your bog-standard Google ads sitting up top of the search results. With paid advertising’s …

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Monetise Monday is back once again, and this week, we’re focussing on Affiliate Summit East, as the team jet off to New York City at the end of July. Remember you still have time to set up meetings with both Clive and Ricky ahead of the conference, so click here to pick a time slot.

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