A Welcome Addition to the Advertising Team!

May 25, 2017 BY Gabriella Scognamiglio - Get free updates of new posts HERE

My name is Gabriella and I graduated last year from the University of Derby having studied Psychology and Media as a Joint Honours degree.

Whilst at university, I took part in lots of different extracurricular activities such as radio, being a member of the Psychology Society, being a course representative and being on the dance team. I have been dancing since a very young age so being able to carry on this hobby through university and compete in various competitions was amazing! Now I’ve graduated I am very excited to begin my career, starting at Monetise!

As soon as I walked in on my first full day at Monetise I instantly felt welcomed which was lovely. I was then introduced to my co-workers and shown around. My job within the company is as an Advertising Manager which involves looking after the advertisers and managing their accounts on a day-to-day basis.

I didn’t quite realise how difficult it would be to use the systems and thought I would be able to understand everything in a day – I was very wrong! However, I’m a week in and slowly but surely understanding the systems. I have also been given my own clients to look after which is great.

Even though I have only been working here for a short amount of time, I feel very settled and can always rely on anyone for their help!


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Written by Gabriella Scognamiglio