Jennifer Horsfall, First Week as Digital Marketing Assistant

October 14, 2015 BY Jennifer Horsfall - Get free updates of new posts HERE

As of last Monday the Monetise team have had the added bonus of my company.

I’ll introduce myself- my name is Jennifer and I’m an English graduate, marketing enthusiast, and proficient coffee maker- what more could they want? I’m joining the team with a mixture of journalism and marketing experience and thought I’d put my reporting skills to the test by telling the tale of my first week at Monetise.


Having being told for several years that a Macbook is a prerequisite for any marketing professional, I finally caught up with the times and acquired a Macbook Pro on my first day. It soon became clear why they’re so revered in the world of marketing and it was nice to upgrade from a laptop held together by sellotape.

After become acquainted with my Mac I was shown how to use the CAKE platform which is the bread and butter (excuse the food references) of Monetise. Monday’s weather was miserable and so the tour of the office’s surrounding area was saved for Tuesday.

If you weren’t already aware, Monetise are based in Melbourne, Derbyshire. Though the town is relatively small, Melbourne is full of character, coffee shops and fresh air- ingredients for an idyllic work environment.

Once I’d learnt the basics, the remaining time in the week was spent communicating with advertisers and setting up new offers for our publishers. If you are a registered publisher with Monetise you should have been lucky enough to receive two emails from me this week with details of our shiny new offers. Sign up here if you’d like to apply to become a Monetise publisher and hear more from me!

At the end of the week the team were in for a treat; being the first Friday of the month, we all headed to The Bull’s Head in Repton (good timing for my first Friday!) to celebrate consistently hitting our daily targets across September. Defeated by a box of fish and chips bigger than my own torso, the meal finished off a promising first week.


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Written by Jennifer Horsfall