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Finding a spot in the marketplace can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. We can help you to reach and engage new buyers, maximise interest in your brand and cost-effectively make business better.

Performance marketing at Monetise is based largely on Cost Per Action, which means advertisers and brands only pay for the results they’re looking for. Nothing else. We specialise in providing effective, performance-based, lead generation opportunities – whether that’s sales, leads, installs, acquisition of potential clients, brand awareness and more. Everything you need to optimise your online exposure.


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Numbers that truly count for something


Customer acquisition isn’t just about the numbers. It takes relevant, premium traffic to make a difference, not a mindless herd. That’s why we work with only the best publishers, people who understand the industry as well as we do.

As a leading performance marketing network, we’ve managed to procure partnerships with some of the most talented publishers out there – people with a genuine understanding of high-quality lead generation. And with our fanatical support, expertise and guidance, we’re consistently pushing the quality and the quantity of targeted leads generated by our legions of publishers. Compound this with one of the most sophisticated fraud-avoidance software applications in the world and you’re left with numbers that truly count.

Making everything simple through hard work


We take apart everything that’s complex about performance marketing and put together a service bespoke to your objectives. It’s about making it simple and seamless, through a combination of leading technology, ongoing support and unparalleled insights.

There’s never a thing such as ‘too much trouble’ at Monetise. Going that extra mile for our advertisers is what we do better than anyone. It’s about making everything simple through hard work, taking the time to answer every call and accommodate every request – administering our own unique brand of personal care alongside a robust, reliable and intuitive platform that helps make your job a lot easier.

Joining as an advertiser is quick and effective


We do not believe that high set-up fees should deter advertisers from entering the lucrative performance marketing industry. We believe that as a network, we should only earn commission for leads generated, without the need to charge set-up fees, monthly retainers, or any kind of management fees.

Put simply, you only pay us if we perform (after all, this is performance marketing!).

Throughout the process, all advertisers are assigned a dedicated account manager who is ready to advise, assist and optimise your campaign(s).


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All good things must come to an end…


While we love building long-lasting relationships with our advertiser, we appreciate that some campaigns perform at their best at quick bursts during seasonal periods.

Because of that, we don’t place our advertisers under long contracts with hefty ongoing management fees, so you can easily plug in and out of our network of traffic depending on your demand.

Meet the crew


While the team look over your advertiser enquiry form, why not get yourself acquainted with the team before we begin working together – we’re an extremely friendly bunch!


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No Set-up Fees
  • No set-up fees
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  • No management fees
  • Dedicated support
  • Zero risk marketing

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“Paddy Power have enjoyed working with Monetise massively over the past year. They have proven to be a key partner in allowing us to hit record numbers for acquisition.”