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We believe the more care you put into something, the more you get out of it. By working to prevent fraudulent activity, we’re continuously making the Monetise network a more prolific place for our publishers.

Our priority is making sure all our publishers have constant access to the best pick of offers, which is why we’re committed to ensuring fair practices right across the board, keeping our network clean and safe from fraudulent activity. In doing so, we’re able to conserve offers and promotions much longer, while at the same time securing longer-lasting relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands and advertisers.


How fraudulent activity has informed our thinking

With many years of experience in digital marketing, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned about fraudulent activity, the ins and outs, and developed a way of preventing it for good. We call it Fraud Jam.

Because the Monetise network processes more than a million clicks daily, we use Fraud Jam as a way of monitoring for any violations and ‘fraudulent’ activities, enabling our team of dedicated experts to intervene if necessary. We don’t rely on software as a definitive answer to fraud prevention, but we do believe it to be an invaluable, efficient tool when it comes to maintaining our high-level of network quality.


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