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#1 Rated UK Performance Marketing Network For Advertisers & Publishers

About Dave

Founder, Performance Marketing Obsessive and Master Kettle Avoider

Dave founded Monetise as a means of providing online advertisers with a cost-effective performance marketing service.

Today, Monetise is recognised as the UK’s foremost performance marketing and lead generation company. With over a decade’s experience in digital marketing, Dave has used his expertise to develop the network, whilst helping generate leads for various blue-chip clients, generating quality traffic through media buying, SEO, online PR, PPC management and social media.

When Dave isn’t trying to avoid his coffee round (and yes – we built an app for that), he enjoys Monty Python, playing guitar like a rockstar, brewing and quaffing craft beers and travelling.


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About James

Co-Founder and Head of Business Development

James has been a part of Monetise since the very beginning, from its inception as a small affiliate network to a globally recognised performance marketing and lead generation company. Now with more than a decade in experience providing proactive solutions to advertisers, affiliates and brands, James continues to take pleasure in growing businesses and seeing new innovations succeed.

Instagram takes up 35% of James’ iPhone consumption, with some time being sacrificed as a devoted husband and father of three. Ridiculously organised verging on obsessive, a keen explorer, beer fanatic, coffee enthusiast and a Converse fan.


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About Ricky

Head of Network Strategy

Ricky has served as our Senior Publisher Manager since November 2010. Before that time, he started in SEO (after graduating in Information Management) and naturally broadened his work with digital marketing. As Senior Publisher Manager, Ricky is responsible for overseeing the network and establishing key partnerships – so he really likes to get to know all of our publishers inside out.

Avid sports enthusiast Ricky counterbalances his macho side with a geeky love of all things digital, and can often be found with a million browser tabs open as he tries to balance publisher support with world domination.


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About James

Senior Publisher Manager

Before joining the Monetise team, James plied his trade in the world of social media, managing accounts for local, national and international clients. He also has journalism experience at BBC Radio Derby and Channel M in Manchester.

Now turning his attentions to affiliate marketing, James loves all things data, and loves getting stuck into a good old Excel spreadsheet. James is a member of the publisher management team, and chief pistachio nut eater.

His great love is football, especially Manchester United. But hey, nobody’s perfect.


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About Clive

Head of Network Performance

Before joining Monetise, Clive worked in finance, overseeing client payments and customer-value assessments. This kind of attention to detail has served him well at Monetise, where monitoring all leads passed through the network and ensuring quality consistency is an important part of being UK Business Development Coordinator.

Strangely loves anything data orientated. If there is a report that needs analysing, Clive will be there to identify the trends! After a day’s work, Clive loves to cook and can never resist the taste of roast chicken (something he can eat almost every day and still love the taste of).


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About Katie

Head of International Development

Katie serves as Partnerships Manager at Monetise, where sourcing new offers and promotions is a major part of her role. With a background in marketing, and a keen passion for seeing brands and businesses succeed, Katie is an expert when it comes to putting affiliates together with the right advertisers and promotions.

As well as being the go-to-girl for publishers, Katie also balances motherhood and homemaking with a busy social calendar. When she’s not spending quality time with her little daughter, she loves nothing more than to cook some of her favourite Polish foods.



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About Darren

Accounts wizard and all-round number cruncher

Darren’s long and illustrious career to date spans 25 years in accountancy in both public and private sectors working for a variety of companies and gaining invaluable experience along the way. His role is to oversee financial progress and to work internally to streamline the financial processes of the company.

Darren is a a fun loving family guy with 2 young children, keen runner and swimmer, supporter of Derby County and armchair fan of most other sports. He enjoys weekends away and family holidays in sunny climates whenever he’s not counting beans.


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About Joe

Publisher Manager & experienced skiier

Before joining the Monetise team, Joe worked at a web design agency, managing and supporting accounts for their clients. He also has Digital Marketing experience after working in that department for the last 5 years.

Now turning his attentions to affiliate marketing, Joe loves all things technical, and likes to evaluate the elements behind the things you see. Joe is a member of the publisher management team.

Outside of work Joe likes to spend his time supporting his football team, Leicester City. He is also an experienced skiier after doing it for over 10 years, his speciality is slalom. Music is another one of his big interests.

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About Chloe

Publisher Manager  and Film Fanatic

Chloe entered the Marketing world via the apprenticeship route after deciding university wasn’t her style (at least at that moment in time). Previously a Digital Marketer for an individual company, planning, monitoring and creating schemes and strategies she has found that the world of affiliate marketing is brand new and full of excitement and opportunities.

As a publisher manager her role largely involves keeping a range of affiliates happy and managing their best interests as well as advising ways to optimise their traffic.

Out of office Chloe enjoys photography, binging tv series and films, sticking her head in a book and spending time as a human climbing frame for her three young nephews and niece.


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About Jake

Partnerships Manager and Family Man

Before joining Monetise, Jake handled his own business selling his personal private label stock on Amazon. After dabbling with the dark arts of being the front man, Jake transitioned into the affiliate world where he finds greater pleasure in helping others. Now, Jake happily fulfils his role of Partnerships Manager at Monetise, helping gain, sustain and grow relationships with new clients.

Outside of Monetise, Jake manages a busy family life playing husband and father of two small children. Three if you include his guitar. Jake enjoys sending his newborn daughter to bed with a few gentle chords, and loves spending his free time in the kitchen experimenting new recipes.

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About Megan

Partnership Manager and Hockey-playing Yogi

Before joining Monetise, Meg worked as an assistant fashion buyer at a large supermarket chain, working in the Ladies-wear department. After deciding she wanted a change of pace and a new challenge she transitioned into the world of affiliate marketing. Where she now works closely with our advertisers, developing new and existing relationships.

Outside of Monetise, Meg is captain of Ashby Ladies Hockey 1st team and an avid Yoga enthusiast. She loves all things sports, ranging from scuba diving to skiing. Her second love after all things affiliate marketing is travel, and often can be found gallivanting to new countries, trying new foods and looking for the best beaches.

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About Holly

Publisher Manager, Nature Lover and Fashion Trend Chaser

Being a people person, Holly set her sights on working in HR, which led to studying Business Management and Human Resources at Nottingham Trent University. Yet, after dipping her toe into the world of Marketing during her placement year, her mind was firmly set on developing a career in the industry. With a keen interest in the power of our digital world, she now finds herself immersed within the realm of Affiliate Marketing, which, by much to her delight and excitement, is a stark contrast from paperwork, policies and procedures!

Outside of work, Holly’s ideal weekend would be spent with half of it fun-filled and the rest spent with her feet up. To feed her enthusiasm for anything outdoors, you’ll find her enjoying a walk with her family, many of which coincidentally feature the tranquil settings of Melbourne which is ideally a short drive away, resulting also in a highly-appreciated extra half hour in bed before the morning commute to Monetise. Conveniently bringing the second half of her perfect weekend into discussion, Holly loves to have relaxing days reading books or flicking through Fashion magazines alongside practicing Yoga and binge-watching anything corny on TV. An avid Great British Bake Off devotee, rainy days will also call for messy kitchen surfaces and mucky aprons for Holly loves to bake, her speciality being the classic lemon drizzle!

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About Imogen

Partnerships Manager and philosophy lover

Before joining Monetise, Imogen worked in fashion merchandising whilst studying for her philosophy degree. Her love of KPIs and statistics led her to Monetise, where she relishes in monitoring performance and conversion. A natural people-person, Imogen loves nurturing relationships with her clients and watching offers blossom.

Outside of work, Imogen has a great love for philosophy and, more specifically, is Heidegger-obsessed. With this love for Heidegger (and also a childhood in the Peak District) comes an adoration of nature, meaning that on the weekends Imogen can probably be found hiking with her poodle, Henry.

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