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At the core of Monetise is its UK affiliate network.

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between advertisers (who are looking to acquire leads, sales, downloads, sign-ups, or any other kind of ‘action’) and publishers (partners who are able to refer visitors to the advertiser’s website or application, and be paid commission for referred visitors who complete the action specified by the advertiser).

An example of how an affiliate network may work with advertisers and publishers may be seen using the following hypothetical example:

Advertiser A is a successful insurance company who are looking to acquire additional leads in the form of website visitors completing their online quotation form. They are prepared to pay a fixed commission to any publisher who can refer UK visitors to their website who then go on to submit a quotation.

Publisher A operates a website that advises the general public on insurance news, deals, and reviews.

Monetise is the affiliate network.

In this scenario, Advertiser A will set-up and launch an affiliate campaign with Monetise to recruit publishers, (like Publisher A in our example) who have the capacity to promote their campaign. Monetise will promote the advertiser’s ‘offer’ to its publisher base, and ensure that the relationship between Advertiser A and Publisher A is formed, including all technical support and relationship management.

Once Publisher A begins to promote the offer from Advertiser A, they receive commission from Advertiser A for each valid lead referred. This payment is made from the advertiser to Monetise in the first instance and then paid from Monetise to the publisher.

Monetise will continue to work with both parties to facilitate, track, and manage this relationship.

Monetise is a UK affiliate network in that we only currently work with advertisers who are looking to acquire sales and leads from visitors located within the UK.

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