A Day in the Life Of An Account Manager at Monetise

February 13, 2024 BY Ricky May - Get free updates of new posts HERE

Account Managers are the lifeblood of most businesses and the bridge between the needs of the clients and suppliers/sub-contractors. Running an affiliate program might sound straight forward, but there are a number of reasons why most clients choose to let agencies like us operate this on their behalf and deal with the affiliates for them;

  • Servicing many affiliate payments
  • Managing creative assets
  • Pay for performance – no brainer for clients
  • Help with landing page design

On top of the day-to-day benefits, by using an Affiliate Network with dedicated Account Managers you can tap into their established base of affiliates to further the reach you would otherwise have managed.

So What Makes a Good Account Manager?

Our role as Account Managers is not to just be the friendly voice on the phone or face over Skype relaying messages between clients and affiliates (although we do our fair share of that). Account Managers must also possess commercial, strategic and professional skills to effectively support their clients and affiliates.

We need to constantly monitor financial performance of campaigns and step in when performances drop by looking at ways to improve. It is also key for them to spot new opportunities across a multitude of areas; new campaigns for affiliates and new affiliates to promote existing campaigns.

We have a wonderful team at Monetise where it feels more like a family than co-workers.

But what core attributes make for a good Account Manager I hear you ask!

I have picked out a couple of traits below to cover:

Relationship Building

This is underestimated but we genuinely want to get to know you if we are going to be working with you! Understanding someone on that deeper level (hobbies, football team, favourite beverage) builds trust that ensures strong, long-lasting relationships. It also creates an environment in which to get the best results.

We attend relevant conferences both locally and internationally to keep existing relationships strong and create new ones.

Building strong relationships with your colleagues is also a must to help our overall goal to ensure we are all pulling in the same direction.

We are often juggling multiple projects/ad campaigns with different clients throughout the day and being organised is essential to keeping those plates spinning.

So how do we do it?

We love Google Sheets here.

This is no joke! We have a sheet for everything from our top performing campaigns for each country… to who is staying late in the office each day. It all helps us collaborate efficiently.

Trello is well used here as well to keep on track with the launch of new campaigns and the communication between clients and Account Managers.

Maintaining the large number of relationships and keeping in touch with clients on a regular basis is a cornerstone to the role.

What’s Your Favourite Part of the Day?

And no I am not going to say lunchtime although we have a great bakery around the corner…

We do have a social bunch here who are often found taking walks round the village when the sun is out or playing darts in the dedicated darts area (hallway) which is great for team bonding.

I personally get a kick out of working on campaign improvements and seeing them come to fruition when you analyse the results.

We spend a lot of time talking about landing pages with clients and affiliates, working together to make campaigns better. Affiliates give us valuable feedback on how to improve landing pages, which can make a big difference in whether they make money or not. Making those small changes and seeing the results is the best part.

If you are reading this and you already work with us, reach out to your Account Manager today and see what they are working on, or even what they had for lunch that day!

There are always new opportunities just around the corner.

Written by Ricky May