How Do I Get Approved At An Affiliate Network? – Monetise Monday

December 15, 2014 BY Dave Bird - Get free updates of new posts HERE

I often see members of the affiliate marketing community unhappy about being rejected by the affiliate network of their choice.

During today’s #MonetiseMonday, Clive Smith looks at why affiliate network’s have to take precautions when approving new affiliate partners to their network, and gives affiliate marketers guidance on how to make sure they maximise their chances of being approved.

In short, networks need affiliate partners to drive traffic to their advertiser campaigns. It follows that affiliates are the life-blood of any affiliate network and the more affiliate traffic, the greater the revenue for the network.

However, affiliate networks have to be incredibly careful to fully protect their advertisers from invalid or fraudulent traffic, and this means robust compliance procedures starting at the very beginning of the network-affiliate relationship; the approval process. At Monetise we have taken this further with our on proprietary anti-fraud platform, dedicated compliance staff, and an approval process that involves a telephone conversation (at least) with every new applicant.

So, what should you do when you are applying to join a new network?


1. Check the details you have submitted (because we will!). At the most basic level ensure that your contact details are correct.

2. Check that the website you have submitted is valid and that you can verify it if required.

3. Have a plan! We will discuss your intentions as a means of seeing how we can work with you best, so make sure you are clear on the different ways you can drive valid traffic to our advertisers.

4. Have the resources! if you are going to be driving traffic through pay-per-click for example, make sure you have the time/financial resources available to make it viable. We can advise if required.

5. In some cases, we may ask for a reference from another network you work with. Be prepared to provide us with reference details if asked.


So, there you have it – affiliate marketing is like any business relationship in that it’s all about communicating that you are serious and that your intentions are good. We are a very approachable and helpful bunch and we can advise you on every step of affiliate marketing if required.

We look forward to working with you!

Written by Dave Bird
Dave is the founder of Monetise and obsessed with all things relating to performance marketing. He oversees network operations and specialises in lead generation.