Monetise Welcomes Its Newest Member: Amber!

August 30, 2023 BY Amber Wilson - Get free updates of new posts HERE

Hi I’m Amber, the newest Publisher Manager Apprentice at Monetise!

Day to day, my life revolves around spending time with my friends, acting as the household chef and being on the hunt for anything and everything music related!

My most recent escapade was to Truck Festival to see one of my favourite bands, Two Door Cinema Club! It was well worth standing knee deep in mud and being drowned by torrential rain.

My next hunt is for highly sort after Taylor Swift tickets! This is proving to be quite the struggle with ticket prices being around £600… I’m not sure I can commit to that!

In between weekends away at festivals, I fill my time with my friends, bonding over our shared love of food. This consists of jumping from restaurant to restaurant to find the best halloumi fries on offer (we’ve found that Nando’s currently holds this title). We have recently started to attend a weekly pub quiz but we definitely need to brush up on our general knowledge if we want a chance at winning!

One thing I am starting to take more of an interest in is wanting to travel. After my most recent trip to Portugal, as well as listening to my friends and colleagues travelling stories, I really want to start broadening my travel horizons beyond just Spain and Portugal.

I would really love to go to Greece next, but I am currently being roped into a winter city break to Poland.

Coming from a waitressing role, I am really looking forward to trading in making coffee to getting stuck into the marketing world at Monetise and learning more about the welcoming staff!

Written by Amber Wilson