The Monetise Team Welcomes a New Member – Meet Chloe

November 5, 2018 BY Chloe Read - Get free updates of new posts HERE

So, here I am! I’m Chloe, a photography enthusiast, bookworm, movie-buff, Disney lover and all around ‘save the animals’ type of girl. You may be inclined to call me a bit of a ‘nerd’ and with an appreciation for all things Marvel, Pokémon and Game of Thrones; you’d be right.

In what now feels almost like a previous life, I was once in the hospitality sector, spending my days serving meals, pouring pints and wondering if there was more to life and continuously questioning my decision to leave university.

Turns out – there really is!

Since joining the world of Digital Marketing via the apprenticeship route, I have been able to channel my love of creating and designing but also the practicality of computer skills and logistics. I felt right at home.

Monetise changed all that again! The Affiliate Marketing world feels brand new, but only a week in and I already feel like it’s what was missing in my marketing career.

Everyone in the team has been so fantastic and helpful, giving me an insight into the incredible world of performance marketing.

To make matters even better, my first day consisted of the unveiling of my own business cards and a lunch out with the team for baguettes and wedges – winner winner, veggie chicken dinner.

Now it’s time to take everything I’ve learnt in my first week and drill it into memory. One thing is for certain; I can’t wait to get stuck in and see what my future at Monetise will hold.


Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or contact me via Skype (chloe_4291) and find out how I can help you.


Written by Chloe Read
Publisher Manager