New Year, New Advertiser Manager!

January 17, 2018 BY Dave Bird - Get free updates of new posts HERE

The Monetise team is expanding at a rapid rate and I am their newest recruit! My name is Harriet, and Monetise have taken it upon themselves to introduce me to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing.


I graduated from Nottingham Trent University a year and a half ago. Having spent my degree studying Broadcast Journalism, I then went on to work for a video production company, but it wasn’t quite doing the trick.

So, I decided to pack my bags and head off. I spent my summer travelling around Europe, Vietnam, and also venturing into Laos and Thailand. The trip was incredible! I did all my favourite things, from camping in the south of France to watching the most incredible sunsets while sipping on a cold beer in Thailand. When I eventually came home, I hit the ground running and decided I needed a change of tune…job wise.

So here I am, a total newbie to Marketing and boy is it interesting! It’s safe to say that there is a lot to learn. I am leaving every day with a little bit more CAKE knowledge… and tea, of course!

Having spent the past year and a half working for a three-person company, joining a dozen-strong team was very different. Fortunately, I’m really enjoying myself and everyone has been very friendly and welcoming.

I will be using my first weekend to go over all the information I’ve absorbed over the past week to make sure I am ready for next week, when I’ll get assigned some advertisers of my own to look after.

Having had my dose of the University lifestyle and travelling I am now super excited to be able to settle down and get my head stuck into my work. I’m thoroughly looking forward to what the future holds and joining the Monetise team!

Written by Dave Bird
Dave is the founder of Monetise and obsessed with all things relating to performance marketing. He oversees network operations and specialises in lead generation.