The Dirty Dozen – 12 Quick and Easy Tips to Keep Visitors on Your Pages Longer

August 24, 2015 BY Lee Currie - Get free updates of new posts HERE
Whether you employ landing pages as part of your online marketing efforts or drive traffic direct to your website, here’s 12 simple tips to keep visitors longer that every publisher can implement straight away.

It’s one of the Holy Grails of digital marketing; keeping visitors engaged long enough to yield an impactful outcome.

Whether the object is to incite an offer completion, obtain a sign-up to your mailing list, or to simply entertain and inform with interesting content – whether you’re using dedicated landing pages or directing visitors straight to your website – we’ve collated 12 quick and easy tips that quick and easy for any publisher to implement.

Declutter your design


1. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, that’s according to Leonardo DaVinci. He may have been originally talking about art but the same logic applies to absolutely anything and everything in the realms of visual communication – and your webpages are no exception.

It’s widely accepted that around half of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on a webpage before making a decision to leave – that’s not a great deal of time to capture their attention.

Making your page free from clutter helps it to appear less overwhelming for people who have just arrived (jumping from one page to another is a disruption to their user immersive experience anyway, that’s always going to be the case) and a lot easier to locate relevant information for which they’re seeking right away.

Reduce your number of fonts


2. Following on from our last point, reducing the number of fonts used throughout your text will remove unnecessary distractions and improve readability. If in doubt, stick to one or two styles max.

3. And while we’re on the subject, avoid garish-looking, over-the-top fonts, even if you think they’ll standout more, because they will but not in a good way! Clean, crisp lettering is far more appealing to eye and more likely to get your content noticed.

Structure your page with visual breaks


4. Like a well-edited piece of magazine literature, your webpage needs to take the reader through your content at a suitable pace. Quickly improve your page’s readability by adding headings, sub-headings and bulleted/numbered lists to break your content into easily-digested segments.

Populate your page with people


5. The internet can be an environment or enormous anonymity, which is why it’s important to let visitors know there is a real person on the other side of that screen, especially if you want to establish trust.

6. If you don’t already have an ‘about’ page on your website, create one and tell people who your are, what your website has to offer, and how the two are interconnected. You can expand upon this in a ‘blog’ section of your website, writing from your own perspective rather than that of an omnipotent authority.

7. Use images of people in conjunction with your offer promotion, allowing visitors to connect with the product/service and realise its benefit on a personal level relevant to their own lifestyle. This may be in the testimonial section or within the actual advertisement.

8. Include a section for comments and create content that incites response, perhaps ending your blog with a probing question. People generally like to get involved in conversation (hence the popularity of social media) so there’s no reason to capitalise on some of that on your website.

Plug your leaks


9. Every hyperlink on your webpage is an opportunity for visitors to leave, so use them sparingly, or reconsider the need to even use them all. You can reduce the need for hyperlinks by including all relevant information in one place, eliminating the need for visitors to go and seek it elsewhere.

10. If you must include hyperlinks, have them open up a new window as this reduces the risk of visitors leaving and forgetting all about your page.

Add statistics


11. Statistics and facts aren’t just a great way of backing your claims (especially when you’re looking to convert an offer), it also captures the attention of your visitors and encourages them to keep reading, so highlight relevant pieces of data you know people will be actively searching out.

Message match


12. The first thing visitors notice is the headline at the top of your page, so make sure you align your message with whatever brought them there in the first place – be it a display add or the meta description of your webpage.

Written by Lee Currie
Lee is the content manager at Monetise and loves all things marketing. He oversees article production and publication on the Monetise website.