Winter Winners – What Campaigns Should You Focus on This Winter?

December 14, 2023 BY Freya Atton - Get free updates of new posts HERE

With Christmas fast approaching and parts of the UK already experiencing snow, it’s safe to say winter is upon us. And while usually this time of year we see a surge in spending habits, it’s a 180 for certain brands. As budgets in the finance vertical start to dwindle as the call centres sign off for the year, we shift our focus to other top performing verticals. Playing to the season advantages is something every affiliate should grab by the horns, so here are my Top 5 Verticals all publishers should consider this winter…

1. Gambling 

Casino and Bingo brands are notorious for increasing their budgets over winter and with colder nights and shorter days we can see why. More people spend their free time inside, lounging around on the sofa with a nice cup of tea, therefore we see a surge in online activity. The increase in players results in more frequent wins and as a result, the brands have more spend to hand out.

The famous Vegas strip records January as its busiest month year on year. With online betting more accessible than ever, it’s not a surprise to see that these trends are matched in the virtual world. Whether or not the consumer wants to enter the EuroMillions or simply bet on their favourite footy team, everything is at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to earn money via an affiliate programme. Not to mention they are suckers for a Christmas lander and creative.

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2. Food & Drink

We are all guilty of overindulging during the festive period and although all the sugary treats and Christmas cocktails aren’t good for the waistline, they are GREAT for brand growth. Since the dreaded C word (Covid), a lot of people have found a love for cooking. So much so, food and beverage subscriptions have shot up in the past two years! What can I say, us Brits are a sucker for a good subscription.

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3. Diet & Fitness

Following the Christmas indulgence and increased alcohol intake, we all want to get ‘back on track’ come the new year, so much so, it’s estimated millions of people in the UK will kick start a diet come January. 50% of those I’m pretty sure know a fad diet doesn’t work but will splash the cash on anything that’s on offer, so why not flood that population with Dieting offers and fitness apps?

4. Debt

Spending habits in Q4 show the biggest changes compared to the rest of the year, with Black Friday deals encouraging impulse buying and Christmas gifts becoming more expensive year on year, we are all a little strapped for cash come January. Following the Christmas shut down, call centres are back in business and demand leads to convert, so budgets are high and the market for debt relief continues to grow.

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5. Home Improvements

New year, new home? I’m 90% sure most of us have a long list of jobs we want to do around the house come 2024. Whether it’s new double-glazing windows to bring down your energy costs, or planning for summer with a good solar panel deal, we’ve got you covered.

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Written by Freya Atton