Our Publisher Management Team Grows Yet Again!

May 24, 2017 BY Dave Bird - Get free updates of new posts HERE

4th May 2017: My first official day at Monetise… Well, actually it was only half a day as I had to leave early to do my last assignment for university, which was organising a concert, with myself as the main act.

I’m Anna, and I have just finished my third and final year at the University of Derby, studying Business Management & Popular Music Production.

I have to admit that studying in a second language was quite challenging, but I am very happy that I did it.

I come from Poland, and this is where I lived before I came to the UK. My hobbies are sports (I’ve been dancing for 9 years), travelling, and music. During university I was lucky enough to meet a person who is as interested in music as I am. We have started working on our music from day one. If you’d like to see what we’re doing, you can find it here!

The front cover of my debut single ‘To You’.

But anyway, coming back to the point. I am SOOOO glad to be a new member of Monetise family. My position in the company is a Publisher Manager, which involves working with affiliates and looking after their accounts.

On my first day, me and my fellow new starter, Drew (see his blog here) were introduced to the team. I have to say that the people here are very good when it comes to welcomings! I felt like I had worked with them for a long time.

I’m slowly but surely learning the complicated (and eventually convenient) system called CAKE, which is the the central hub of everything we do here at Monetise. I have also been given a range of clients and main information about their accounts. I was so excited about my new job, so that I’ve spent few hours over the weekend emailing my clients and learning about CAKE.

I was disappointed when after few days at Monetise I needed to leave for my holiday to Poland (I know, I regretted too but I’ve had it booked for a while!).

I actually really wanted to stay and keep working as I knew I had so much to learn. Hopefully it didn’t take too long to get back on track. I have now been at Monetise for a few weeks and I’ve got a decent knowledge and understanding thanks to the whole team and their kind help.


Written by Dave Bird
Dave is the founder of Monetise and obsessed with all things relating to performance marketing. He oversees network operations and specialises in lead generation.