Video is Now an Important Part of Your Affiliate Business. Here’s Why…

January 9, 2016 BY Lee Currie - Get free updates of new posts HERE
How important is video in today’s online marketing landscape? The short answer, very. We take a look at how you should be using video as part of your affiliate business model.

The shift to video being major medium for today’s online marketers shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone, it was always going to be this way. Just take a look at changes within the advertisement industry over the years; from humble print to radio and television, adverts have evolved alongside communication technology in order to reach the broadest audiences.

Online advertisement has always existed, it’s because of a change of user-habits however, that video is now so prominent in digital marketing; advances in mobile devices means online content is being consumed exponentially, whilst social media has developed a culture of sharing and engaging with this content on a global scale.

Video is an Important Part of Your Affiliate Business


The success of your affiliate business relies on the emotional investment of users/customers in order for them to actively fill out an offer or purchase, as well as a general awareness of your brand and your promotions to be begin with.

This requires the kind of content mentioned above – sharable, engaging, informative – and is typically facilitated by a regularly updated blog and email campaign, alongside consistent social media output.

So where does video fit in?

Well, video can be far more engaging than a simple image or lengthy article. It can be consumed at blistering speed and since the likes of Facebook introduced video, more and more people are sharing and viewing video content than before.

Video content is also incredibly easy to create (with the proper tools) and a lot quicker to produce than a 500-word blog post or expensive infographic. Anybody with a smartphone and access to editing software, such as iMovie, can put together a short video to effectively convey their brand messaging and promotions.

To put it simply, video content is very much a practical and important aspect in today’s digital marketing output. People don’t just look for it, they expect it, which is why every affiliate needs to start using video as part of their affiliate business model.

The benefits of YouTube

As well as releasing video content across the likes of Facebook and Twitter, creating your own YouTube channel comes with its own raft of benefits. After Google, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, which means there are even more opportunities for relevant audiences to find you.

YouTube also provides the same level of user-engagement, allowing people to comment on your videos, share them with friends, and subscribe to your channel – all of which help to cultivate an active and interested customer base.
If you want to include video on your affiliate website (say, as part of your blog) then embedding those videos from your YouTube channel is much better than hosting them directly, as this will not take up too much storage space. This also prevents slow-down, should a greater number of visitors than your bandwidth can tolerate attempt to access your video content at the same time.

From an SEO standpoint, tagging your video with relevant keywords (as well as including them in your actual video – yes, YouTube can recognise audible words – can feed improve your website’s Google rankings, seeing as Google owns YouTube. It’s all down to Google striving to provide users with the most satisfying, most useful, and most relevant experience when searching for what they’re looking for.

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Written by Lee Currie
Lee is the content manager at Monetise and loves all things marketing. He oversees article production and publication on the Monetise website.