What Can Monetise Do For You in 2021?

December 22, 2020 BY Clive Smith - Get free updates of new posts HERE

It struck me this weekend (yes, I do think about work over the weekend) that the network has started to do a lot more for our publishers and advertisers than they would perhaps know. We have been preaching our additional services a lot in our most recent conference appearances, but our loyal base of partners may have not had the opportunity to hear what they are. I’m going to use the trusty infographic we had designed for Affiliate Summit West conference stand to structure my thoughts…

Need an offer? We can build it!

For longer that I can remember we have been building and managing our own in-house offers, but this has been expanded of late and we now have a whole host of insurance offers that would likely benefit a whole host of publishers. The time has never been better to reach out to your account manager (or sign up for that matter) to get hold of our health and life insurance offers as well as our equity release and debt management campaigns. All have budget and all have been tested extensively to ensure our publishers will be getting the best conversion rates on the traffic they are pushing.

Our most recent stand showing off all the different perks of working with Monetise

Genuine exclusives

We have a large selection of great exclusives in many different verticals. Want a good converting CPL gambling offer? Check out 123Casinos, the offer that has over 90% conversion rates, and the advertiser can’t get enough of the traffic! How about a finance product that has been pumping in the revenue for many of our affiliates for more than 6 months? Well, look no further than ISAFinder. Or how about a subprime payday loan offer that, no matter how much we try, has a seemingly unbeatable EPC amongst competitors in the payday space? That’s the title Bee Loans has held for the last two years! We don’t label our offers exclusives, but you can be sure we have many. Never be shy to ask for a list and we will fire one over.

Dedicated compliance with complete transparency.

In the post-GDPR world it would be naïve of us to not have a network that takes compliance hand in hand with any business decision we make. From an email marketing perspective, we contract all our publishers to ensure they are gaining the consent necessary to email the brands on our network. We also run all our traffic through our built-in fraud detection service that looks for unusual patterns that could be associated with the fraudulent activity our industry sometimes has to deal with. Advertisers that are working with Monetise can always rest easy knowing we are doing our bit to ensure they are getting the best quality targeted traffic. And if you are new to our company just look over to our many testimonials to show we are in this business for long term partnerships.

What do I want anyone reading this article to realise? Monetise can offer a lot more for our publishers and advertisers that they would have otherwise not have known. Always get in touch with any of our team to talk through your needs. Even if you think they are ‘outside the box’ we can often help. Let’s be honest, some of the best ideas come from that initial leap of faith in speaking out and asking that question.

Written by Clive Smith
Clive has a love for all things compliance, you will frequently find him reading passages of the GDPR as bed time reading.