A Warm Hello from Sophie – Publisher Manager

December 2, 2021 BY Sophie Lester - Get free updates of new posts HERE

Hey, I’m Sophie – Monetise’s most recent addition to the Publisher Team.

My day to day life generally just revolves around good food, being with my friends and family and hopping on a plane as often as I can. My most recent trips have been to Santorini, taking in the famous romantic sunset in Oia and holding on to the back of quad bike for dear life, and Amsterdam, where I covered thirty miles on foot in three days. Next up is Prague. I don’t mind a festival or two each year either – but you won’t catch me camping! When I’m not out and about, I’m easily pleased and I think similar to most… a cuddle with my dog, Netflix and a takeaway will do for me.



Something that might be more unique to me is my growing list of “claim to fames”. Oh, who’s on this list you say? Don’t worry, you don’t have to ask twice…

Theo Paphitis
Graeme Le Saux
Jimmy Bullard
Alex Scott
Ben Shires
Peta Bistany
Richard Scudamore

Adding Jessie J would fulfil my tweenage dreams but Ryan Reynolds would be my more recent aspiration. If there are any celebs out there reading that would like to join this prestigious list, just drop me a message.

Having previously worked for a small company, joining a larger team has been a positive change for me and I’m enjoying getting stuck into loads of different areas with different members of the team.

Looking forward to growing with Monetise (and my first Christmas do!)

Written by Sophie Lester