New To Affiliate Marketing? 10 Terms That You Should Know

November 14, 2023 BY Francesca Allen - Get free updates of new posts HERE

Are you new to the world of affiliate marketing, either as an advertiser, a network or an affiliate? Chances are, you have probably already come across many acronyms and terms that mean absolutely nothing to you. But fear not! Below are 10 of the most common terms that will appear during your daily work.

1. Affiliate

A brand or individual who promotes a product or service in return for a commission based on an action carried out by the user. Affiliates drive traffic to an advertiser’s channel.

2. Advertiser

A brand that is promoting their product or service through offers or campaigns.

3. Network

A business that acts as an intermediary, connecting advertiser’s campaigns and publishers together.

4. CPA – Cost Per Acquisition

This is a metric that measures the cost of a customer completing the desired action. This could include making a purchase or depositing a specified amount into an account.

5. CPL – Cost Per Lead

This is usually when a user provides basic information that could help the advertiser turn them into a prospective customer.

6. Conversion Point

This is the point where a user performs an action desired by the advertiser. This could include submitting a completed form, purchasing a product or activating a subscription.

7. Conversion Rate

This is the percentage that shows the number of users that have completed a desired action compared to the total number of people exposed to an advert.

8. EPC – Earnings Per Click

This is the average amount of earnings the advertiser makes each time a user clicks on their advert.

9. Vertical

The term ‘vertical’ refers to the category of the offer. Verticals include: insurance, casino, home improvement and many more.

10. Geo

The term ‘geo’ refers to the country or countries an offer is available in. This is usually written as the two-letter country code eg GB/US/CA.

Written by Francesca Allen