Should Kanye West Take Up Affiliate Marketing?

March 10, 2016 BY Dave Bird - Get free updates of new posts HERE

Have you been living on Mars over the past fortnight? If so, you still probably heard about Kanye West taking to Twitter to announce a personal debt of more than 50 million dollars.

You rapped about gold diggers, Kanye, you should have known better!

In his attempts to work his way out of the red, he’s reached out to the likes of Adidas and Mark Zuckerberg (the Facebook guy), but to no success. He’s also released a new album, again, to no success.

But we’ve got the solution, Kanye! Give affiliate marketing a whirl. OK, we would say that, but you’ve definitely got the tools to make a decent fist of it.

Your website, (great name, by the way) must have a six figure daily hit rate at least, which has INCHES of sidebar space that’s shouting out to be filled with some of our high paying debt management and short term loan offers (see the irony). That would give you a steady, lucrative revenue stream.

I bet you also have an email list lying around with subscribers who are desperate to read about the latest Kanye news. Again, a chance to monetise!

But what gives you a leg up on plenty of wannabe affiliate marketers is your brand. Over the last 20 years, you have built up a loyal fan base of followers from across the world. These fans have not only invested money into your albums and merchandise, they have also invested a trust in you.

Trust in a brand is a major factor in the purchasing journey of a consumer. Trust in Kanye West has been developed through his constant ability to release albums that millions of people love. This gives him great power, but as the old saying goes, it also brings great responsibility (thanks Spiderman).

If Mr West was to go into affiliate marketing, he would need to be extremely careful in regards to the types of offers and deals he chooses to promote. Trust is a brittle thing in the world of digital marketing (and sales as a whole), so promoting just one offer that his audience doesn’t like could see the trust collapse, and with that, his brand. On the other hand, Kanye’s name alongside the right offer could do wonders for his reputation and his bank balance.

We await your call, Kanye, and also anybody else out there who’s looking to make their way in the world of affiliate marketing. Give us a call on 01332 419999 and we will welcome you with open arms (especially if you can introduce us to Kim Kardashian).

Written by Dave Bird
Dave is the founder of Monetise and obsessed with all things relating to performance marketing. He oversees network operations and specialises in lead generation.