Drew Farquharson Joins The Monetise Team…

May 9, 2017 BY Dave Bird - Get free updates of new posts HERE

The Monetise team continues to expand, with two new recruits joining the publisher management team at the start of May. Anna will be introducing herself shortly, but first up is Drew…

Thursday 4th May: my first day as one of the Monetise team, and also only the second time I have had the pleasure of visiting Melbourne!

I wanted to make a good impression, so I felt three trays of chicken wings would do the trick… I reckon that they did!

Anyway, my name is Drew Farquharson (Pronounced: FAR-KER-SON).

I am one of the new Publisher Managers here at Monetise. I have a passion for all things marketing, and I’m currently studying Advertising, Marketing, and PR at the University of Derby. Alongside my love for marketing I am also extremely addicted to sports. As a youngster I had the honour of representing my county in rugby, football, and cricket. Unfortunately, a few years down the line, I no longer have the time to pursue all three so I’ve settled for playing Sunday league football for my local pub team.

My first day at Monetise started with me trying to figure out how to use a MacBook – and once I had learnt how to minimize a page, my mentor Clive started to go through the brilliant system known as Cake – A platform that evidently lies at the heart of everything we do here.

Sunning it in Turkey with my better half…

After learning the basics of Cake, me and my fellow Monetise newbie, Anna, were introduced to the now departed Publisher manager, Phill. Unfortunately, Phill was only with us for two days, so me and Anna were trying to absorb as much of his expertise as we could before he moved back down south.

I was then introduced to some of Phill’s close friends (also known as our clients), who have now been passed over to me and Anna to look after.

My second day at Monetise was easier due to the fact I spent the whole of Monday evening familiarising myself with the amazing capabilities of the MacBook. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that we would be going to Amalfi White for lunch to celebrate hitting our targets, something I hope we achieve every month!

Alongside starting a long and exciting career here at Monetise, May 2017 will also be very special to me, as me and my girlfriend will be moving into our first house this month. I look forward to embracing everything that this exciting month produces in the years to come.



Written by Dave Bird
Dave is the founder of Monetise and obsessed with all things relating to performance marketing. He oversees network operations and specialises in lead generation.