The Importance Of Brand Personality In Affiliate Marketing

October 11, 2023 BY Jodie Scott - Get free updates of new posts HERE

In a world where customers have more choice than ever, it’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd and one strategy to achieve this is through developing more brand personality.

In the same way we choose our friends because we like their personality, perhaps they are fun, loyal or have similar interests to us, we are attracted to a brands personality. Its therefore important to clearly define your brands personality and make sure all elements of the marketing plan work to bring it to life. 

A useful tool when shaping a brands personality is the brand personality framework (Aaker 1997) which groups brand personalities into 5 different categories:

  1. Sincerity

We fall for these brands because they are honest and genuine. We can trust the brand and feel safe buying into it. John Lewis is a great example of this. It’s been on our high streets for over 100 years, its relatable with its wholesome and heart-warming Christmas adverts and its newly relaunched slogan remind us it’s there ‘For All Life’s Moments’.

  1. Excitement

These brands are innovative and ahead of the time. They create hype and desire through exciting product launches, daring marketing campaigns and outside the box thinking. We want to be a part of them. The social media hype when Youtubers Logan Paul and KSI launched Prime Hydration Drinks caused a frenzy with shops unable to keep up with demand and bottles of the energy drinks being sold online for much more than the RSP. 

  1. Competence

Sometimes you just need a brand you can rely on – a go to brand that never lets you down. American Express portray this perfectly with their famous slogan ‘Don’t Leave Home Without It’ – reliable, trustworthy and a brand with a proven track record – its that loyal friend we all need.

  1. Sophistication

Oozing with charm, glamour and appeal are the sophisticated brands of this world. We aspire to buy into them and become a part of them. Think Chanel with its signature fragrances, famous red lipstick, stylish clothing and of course celebrity brand ambassadors. The brand captivates your imagination and transports you to a world of glamour.

  1. Ruggedness

Picture the great outdoors here; tough, adventurous, bold and brave. These brands are here to support you in the most challenging times. Take North Face with its wide range of performance clothing, footwear and accessories designed to support you on your adventures and to offer practicality and endurance in these testing situations.

Once you’ve established your brands personality its essential to make sure all marketing efforts are aligned with the values you have outlined and this is certainly the case in affiliate marketing too. Decisions such as the type of offer you run, where you run it and the traffic you use are all key decisions. For example a ‘competent’ brand personality may see more success through e-mail traffic, allowing the platform to communicate the benefits clearly to the customer and enforce the reliability on offer. An ‘exciting brand’ may be better placed on social media where hype can be created and quickly shared with other followers. On the other hand a ‘sophisticated brand’ would need to be more cautious and be sure any offers and traffic don’t devalue the brand or compromise on quality.

The benefits of working with a trusted and experienced advertising manager here are invaluable as they will ensure they understand your brands personality and work to enhance and protect its core values. Connecting you to publishers who align with your brand, they can help to generate new customers, increase sales or leads and drive brand awareness whilst staying true to your brand and the personality which makes it unique.

Written by Jodie Scott