10 More Affiliate Marketing Terms That You Should Know

December 8, 2023 BY Francesca Allen - Get free updates of new posts HERE

You may have read our previous post ‘New To Affiliate Marketing? 10 Terms That You Should Know’. But are you eager to learn more? Well, we’ve got you! Here are ten more terms and acronyms that are commonly used in affiliate marketing that you will definitely come across if you work in the industry.

1. SOI – Single Opt In

This is where the user signs up to a mailing list using their contact details. The user does not have to do anything else to make the action payable.

2. DOI – Double Opt In

This is where the user signs up to a mailing list using their details (as they would with SOI) but would then have to confirm/validate their email address or contact details.

3. Lead

A lead is someone who has interacted with a brand’s advert or website with the potential of converting a sale in the future.

4. Native Ad

A native ad is a paid form of advertising where the advert is placed in a way that matches the look and tone of the brand’s website, unlike banner adverts. Native ads blend in with the website’s content and fits in with the user’s experience.

5. PPC – Pay-per-click

This form of advertising is where the advertiser pays for every click on their advert. You may have across these when searching on a search engine. Sponsored websites and ads on a PPC model appear at the top of the search listings.

6. Incentivised Traffic

Incentivised (or incent) traffic refers to the traffic sent to an advertiser’s offer through a website that offers users a reward for completing the payable action. For example, a user may earn 50 points on a publisher’s website for clicking on an ad and signing up to a free trial.

7. CPI – Cost Per Install

This payment model is typically seen with digital download offers; for example gaming or app downloads. The advertiser pays out every time a product is installed.

8. CPC – Cost Per Click

This is another payment model where the advertiser will pay a publisher for every click they generate on their advert. The user does not need to do anything else for the action to be payable.

9. Landing Page

A landing page is the page that a user will end up viewing after clicking an advert. They are slightly different from the advertiser’s generic webpage as they will be tailored to the campaign that they are promoting.

10. KPI – Key Performance Indicator

This acronym is used across a wide range of industries, not just marketing. A key performance indicator is a metric that measures performance towards achieving a goal. In the affiliate marketing world, KPIs will measure the success of a specific campaign. They are also useful to identify areas for improvement and where marketing strategies could be adapted.

Written by Francesca Allen