5 Reasons Why Publisher Account Managers Are Still Essential in 2023

April 27, 2023 BY Sophie Lester - Get free updates of new posts HERE

With the rise of AI such as ChatGPT, some may be asking, do I still need a dedicated Account Manager? In todays blog, we’ll discover the top 5 reasons why having a dedicated Account Manager is evergreen…

Affiliate Marketing isn’t quite as straightforward as setting up an offer and sailing off into the sunset. A lot more goes into offer selection than one may realise. Is the offer a good fit? Does it match the affiliates audience? Is there adequate budget? There are multiple steps involved from getting the offer onto the network to then getting it live on your channel of choice ready to monetise your traffic.

Here at Monetise, managing accounts is what we’re best at. Each and everyone of us have a passion for our publishers that we manage, including the personal relationships we build with them all overtime.

If you are in the affiliate industry, then an Account Manager is a must. This will ensure everything runs smoothly and you’ll have an extra brain to provide you with fresh ideas ultimately leading to greater results from the campaigns you run.

Now let’s look at some of the most important reasons as to what benefits an Account Manager will be able to give to you.

1. Tracking

Having a dedicated Account Manager and working with their Network is a great opportunity to utilise their tracking platform with no additional costs being added to your business. If you worked as an individual affiliate having your own tracking platform would cost a fair fortune each year.

Also, what sounds better than having your tracking all in one place? You can Login at any time and view your current or past stats that you’ve generated.

2. Access to Advertisers

Sometimes advertisers prefer to only work with networks as they can be more reputable, it’s also beneficial to the advertiser only having one contact to speak to about all sources running.

Gaining access to thousands of offers through a network is a dream come true for any affiliate but imagine also being able to gain access to multiple Exclusive offers that are only working with us, now that’s close to a miracle some would say. 

3. Support

The support an Account Manager can offer is unmatched. They will always be available during working hours Monday to Friday but also if anything urgent was to happen out of hours we are only a message away to pick this up and action anything we can.

4. Payment Terms 

Having all of your campaigns in one place means payments are nice and simple (I heard that sigh of relief). You will have one set date each month to be paid for your traffic once advertisers have confirmed, you also have more security when being paid through a network as we have contracts signed with advertisers to ensure nothing is going to go wrong and you will receive your payment. 

If you were to work with an advertiser direct, you always run the risk of not receiving payment if for any reason they stop replying to you or refuse to make payment without a valid reason, and let’s be honest who wants that headache?

5. Time is precious

As an affiliate marketer the time you put into your business is like gold dust and you should be prioritising the main things like monitoring your revenue and brainstorming ideas to constantly increase your businesses potential. So why not leave it to your Account Manager to monitor the everyday things like conversions, campaigns, budgets and payment confirmations? Sounds like a good deal to me.

Now you’ve read all of these fantastic benefits what’s stopping you from signing up and getting yourself a dedicated Account Manager? You’ve got nothing to lose! – https://www.monetise.co.uk/publisher-signup/

Written by Sophie Lester