Lets talk 2021 with Clive Smith and Ben Helyar

February 1, 2021 BY Clive Smith - Get free updates of new posts HERE

Our Head of Network Performance, Clive Smith, got together with the ever-talented Ben Helyar, GM for NetRev to reflect on the crazy year of 2020 and the surprises (Covid aside) it brought in the lead generation space. They then looked to 2021, trying to predict what might become of this year. We have been working with Ben and NetRev for over a year with 2020 being one that saw some great success. They manage brands such as Go Groupie that has over 2.5million members on their books. Their knowledge of the e-commerce space is right up there with the best. They have been using that customer insight to, guide their marketing efforts and identify the best deals to feature in their Newsletters.

Listen in to hear what predictions Clive and Ben had for 2021

Many points were discussed, from consumer investment products to paper-based packaging. One key point that was established by both sides was the importance of partnerships in this remote time. Business was more often than not, done face to face. That element of human interaction could quickly be lost if you allow it. It’s more important than ever to show your clients you are still working away by getting on a zoom call or reaching them over email to ask how they are. These partnerships can remain strong and likely become the strongest they have ever been with that shared drive to get through these challenging times. Do check out their conversation and let us know if you agree or disagree with any of the talking points.

Written by Clive Smith
Clive has a love for all things compliance, you will frequently find him reading passages of the GDPR as bed time reading.